Mainly Music

You don’t have to imagine a time and place where you and your young child will find delight in shared experiences, be accepted for who you are, and grow educationally. It already happens. Every week of the school year – in a fun and exciting place called ‘mainly music’.   In no time, you’ll be not only enjoying time with your child, you’ll find friendship and encouragement. We aim to provide that village to help you raise your child. Come along …we’re keen to connect.

Each mainly music has been designed for enjoyment. Weekly sessions, during the school year, are full of fun, educational music and musical activity to grow and develop your child, followed by something to eat and something to play with, plus time for you to eat and chat!

Messy Church

Messy Church is a new way of ‘doing’ church for today’s generation, involving the whole family in a variety of creative experiences and a short time of worship based on the day’s theme. We then share a meal together. This provides two hours of interacting with your children in a fun, positive way whilst getting to know other families, as together we explore the meaning of life.

Messy Church is FREE for all ages; however donations are welcome to help cover cost of food / craft materials.

For more information please contact us.