Il-Woong Kim : Minister

Il-Woong Kim


Il-Woong is married to Chun with two boys, Ben and Jinoo. He was born in South Korea, graduated from the Methodist Theological Seminary in Seoul, serviced in the military and was trained and served overseas as a missionary. He was ordained in 1993 by the Korean Methodist Church and accepted as a minister in the Uniting Church in 2008. He has had a variety of experiences and a great love for the Lord and desire to share his faith, and is a strong believer in team ministries. Il-Woong enjoys spending time with his wife Chun and his boys, and a walk in the Gannons Park after moving to the manse in Peakhurst.

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Family Worker :

Family Worker

We are very excited to announce that LPUC is in the process of hiring a Family Worker.  The role of this person will be to support and assist local families.  Check back for further updates.

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